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  • Investing money in shares valuable, but this can be said only for long term investment. For short term investment, this is not working well, because the share market is in zigzag position at times, it goes up in the market at times it goes bottom level in the share market, therefore a person should have to invest little money on work on invest basis invested money works for a person and it grows slowly and slowly and reaching to nice price. For an instance a person is buying a share for one dollar each share, this goes o the top position and the price is each dollar one hundred and fifty dollars. That means one hundred and fifty percent profit for the investment made on the share market. There are many institutes teaching about share market, an investor can learn all about the share trade with these training centers. Normally even these training centers are not charging any money for teaching. The reason is the trainers are also investing their money in the share market; they inform students to select the share before investing money on the share market. In this introduction the person gets commission for introducing a person to purchase the share, by this way a trainer is earning money from the share holder.


    Normally, when the government is flourishing the share market would be in upward, when the government is facing any financial problem the share companies would be in trouble. Of course, when a limited company is becoming public limited company, that company is earning more money by collecting money from the public. At the same time investing this money in the business and earning high revenue from the business. Naturally all public limited companies would be in happy position after entering in to share market. Not only this, the companies are getting support from the government side, this pampering from the government is helping all the companies to do the trading in the best manner. However, the governments are keenly watching the share market and providing assistance to the public limited companies and for the common investors.




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